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The platform that provides Chinese students with live access to world class musicians from the most renowned music institutions globally


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AEYONS is set to dramatically shift the education landscape in China, through the development of a technology platform that makes higher education from some of the world’s best musicians more easily accessible to both students and teachers. 

The AEYONS platform combines world-class online learning tools with features specially tailored to educators and institutions in order to provide the best experience possible for both teacher and student. 


Key Benefits

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Access to internationally recognized talent

Students who use the AEYONS platform gain secure access to tuition from the most respected and reputed instrumentalists and music educators from the world's best academic instutions. 


Convenient learning

With dynamically scheduled live lessons, students learning through the AEYONS platform experience ultimate convenience, taking lessons when and where it suits them.  


Flexible hours & more opportunities

AEYONS provides educators both in and out of academic institutions with an unprecedented degree of scheduling flexibility and increased teaching opportunities, giving them complete control over their schedule, and allowing them to maximize their income. 

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The AEYONS platform is designed to facilitate learning opportunities on a global scale. With AEYONS, students can be part of a unique global community united by the pursuit of academic excellence and achievement.

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Students learning through AEYONS receive certificates of completion.

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The AEYONS platform facilitates an increase in global recognition for both institutions and educators. Educators can benefit from increased international exposure, whilst institutions can attract new prospective international students. Students also have the ability to showcase their talent to a global audience.

Platform Features

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Arranged University Contracts covering:

  • Live and Streamed Student Training
  • Arranged Visitation schedule

Individual(s) paid live and streamed instrumental training sessions

Live training PPV Sessions

Marketing platform/tools

IT Platform providing:

  • Video Streaming
  • Administration
  • Session Management
  • Timetable Management
  • Payment Gateway
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