Our Artists


Andrew Bain

Principal Horn, Los Angeles Philharmonic

Horn Professor, The Colburn School Conservatory

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be involved in Aeyons! This fantastic platform is wonderful for the future of Music education in China and I look forward to working with the Aeyons team and the young musicians in China to create a wonderful learning environment."

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Allen Vizzutti

Internationally acclaimed Trumpet soloist, composer and music educator

"My world travels have shown me that music knows no barriers. Enlightening through AEYONS will enable us to transcend the challenges of language and distance. It is so exciting to now share the joys of musical experience and knowledge globally with ease. I am thrilled to be part of this brilliant adventure!"

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Miki Tsunoda

World renowned Violinist

"I am very excited to be a part of Aeyons' new and adventurous online teaching program. The one to one teaching online will provide students in China the opportunity to experience and learn about music in the way that was not possible before. This platform will provide a personal interaction, a place to inspire, discover, discuss, and exchange ideas. I am thrilled to be taking on this opportunity to nurture the Chinese musicians of our time and the next. " 


Nicholas Marks

Internationally acclaimed composer, producer, and pianist

"AEYONS is a pioneer in bringing world class artists to the homes of Chinese students. This cutting edge platform promises the highest levels of professionalism, education and real world experience shared by internationally acclaimed artists across diverse musical fields. I am thrilled to be involved with the future development of the next generation of Chinese musicians, sharing my pedagogy, experience and knowledge from jazz studies, composition to film/television scoring and producing. This platform enables Chinese students to not only learn the essential technical, aural, compositional and analytical skills; it provides the foundation to develop and nurture their musical voice."


Øystein Baadsvik

Norwegian tuba soloist and chamber musician

"I am very proud to be involved with Aeyons. This revolutionary new learning platform promises to be a very effective way for Chinese students to learn the secrets of western classical music."

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Lisa Grosman

Australian violist

"I am incredibly excited that the Aeyons learning platform will provide so many aspiring musicians with an opportunity to develop their craft. I am looking forward to being a part of the future of classical music in China. " 

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Robert Nairn

  • Associate Professor, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music
  • Former Faculty, The Juilliard School
  • President, International Society of Bassists

"AEYONS is a brilliant and exciting initiative; a pathfinder for music education in the Twenty-First century. I am thrilled to be involved in the future development of classical music in China, and getting to know the young musicians through this innovative platform." 


Rex Richardson

International trumpet soloist and jazz artist

Professor of Music, Virginia Commonwealth University

"I am convinced that Aeyons is the future of music education. It represents the best ideals of intercultural exchange and global outreach, combining personal interaction with cutting-edge technology. I am thrilled to be involved." 


Bert Seager

Jazz pianist, professor at New England Conservatory, Boston, Massachusetts

"An essential part of learning and mastering music is one-on-one study with an experienced teacher, someone who can help the student unlock their potential by carefully guiding and motivating them. Aeyons uses up-to-date technology to connect students and highly qualified teachers.  Music education involves the hands and the heart as well as the brain.  Unlike many other forms of education, the entire person is involved: body, mind, and spirit. By emphasizing private instruction Aeyons is making a world-class music education available anywhere on this planet. " 

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Caio Afiune

Jazz Guitarrist, Composer, and Arranger

"Not so long ago, musicians had to travel thousands of miles to study with high level mentors. With cutting-edge technology and high-level artistry, AEYONS is changing the way music education works in the 21st century. I'm incredibly excited to be a part of AEYONS' team and am looking forward to sharing my experience as a guitarist and composer with students from all over the world!"


Shane Simpson

Jazz Professor at New England Conservatory

"Aeyons is on the cutting edge of music education, utilising today's technologies to bridge thousands of miles and bring world class artist-teachers into the homes of eager students at the click of a button.  As a lover of music, teaching, and learning, I am excited and proud to be a part of the Aeyons team and the future of music education. " 


Henrique Eisenmann

Pianist and Composer

"Aeyons is opening the door for a wonderful artistic exchange; this is a platform that certainly sets a new milestone in the world of music education. I am thrilled to be part of this online community, sharing my experience as a teacher and touring musician, helping each student to find his own unique musical voice."